Helvetia, WV
Beekeeper Inn
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Exterior of Beekeeper InnThe Beekeeper Inn has 3 bedrooms with private baths, a large living room and a kitchen. There is an upstairs deck. It is the "Bed" part of the "Bed & Breakfast." Breakfast is served at the Hutte Restaurant. Call 304-924-6435 for information and reservations.

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Building History. The house was built by a beekeeper named Wurzer (spelling is uncertain) from Appenzel canton in Switzerland. Bees were kept in a lean-to shed on the back. The house consisted of the center part of the current inn--the living room area. The additions to the sides and back were added later.

The house was originally located where the Star Band (Red) Hall now stands. The house was moved across the river on logs.

Mr. Wurzer was, according to local tradition, about 5' 5" tall and the house built to his needs with low ceilings.

The house was a private residence until around 1983 when it was turned into an Inn.