Helvetia, WV
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Ancestry and relationships are important in Helvetia. Many residents are descended from the original settlers and can trace their genealogy through many generations. This page is designed to assist people who are working on their genealogy.

Anna Chandler is the primary contact for genealogy. She has done the cemetery surveys and has strong interest in the subject. When contacting her, please give as much information as possible on the family names and dates in which you are interested.

And, if you have information to share, please pass it along to her.

Anna is volunteering to do this in her spare time, so please allow a few days for her to reply.

A spreadsheet listing names included in the Genealogy Project allows you to quickly look for family names..

Local Cemeteries:

Other Resources:

The Vital Research Records Project at the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is placing Birth, Death, and Marriage certificates on-line. Users can search the records and view scanned images of the original records. Currently, only Death records are available for Randolph County for 1914 and 1917 - 1956.

The WVU Library photo collection includes many pictures from Helvetia. Click "Search this Collection" and enter "Helvetia" as the search term. You might try entering a family name for the second search term but remember that spellings may vary and typos do occur. Click the thumbnail photos that result from the search for a larger picture. Click the "description" over the larger picture for a text description.

RootsWeb Genealogy Homepage for Helvetia. Genealogy and History books available at the Helvetia Public Library.