Helvetia, WV
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Beekeeper Inn. The home of the original beekeeper, this is now the bed and breakfast for the Hutte Restaurant. Located across the Buckhannon River from The Hutte.

Cemetery. Located on the Selbyville Road about a mile from Helvetia.

Cheese Haus. Located past the Honey Haus on the Selbyville Road. Cheese is not being made at the present but is sold there during the Helvetia Fair.

Community Hall. The site of dances, meals, Helvetia Fair exhibits, reunions, weddings, and many other events. Located on the Mill Creek side of Helvetia.

Country Store. 304-924-9100. Part of Kultur Haus Helvetia.

Daetwyler Shoe Shop. Located beside the Country Store.

Gazebo. In the Historic Square.

Gruber House. On the Selbyville Road. Private residence.

Honey Haus. Small building beside the Beekeeper bed and breakfast. Currently, it is only open during the Helvetia Fair.

Huber Inn. This building beside the Helvetia Country Store was built around 1880 for Frank Huber and served as an inn for many years. It is now a private residence.

Hutte Restaurant. Located at the intersection in Helvetia. 304-924-6435.Facebook Page.

Post Office. Located in Kultur Haus Helvetia.

Public Library. Located in the Historic Square.

Historic Square. Includes the Library, Schoolhouse, Museum, and Gazebo. Located on the side of Helvetia toward Pickens.

Museum. In the Historic Square.

Manse (Parsonage). Formerly the residence of the minister of the Zion Presbyterian Church. It is now a private residence.

Pickens School. Helvetia students attend this school. Located in Pickens, five miles from Helvetia.

Post Office. Located in the Country Store.

Schoolhouse. Located beside the Public Library, this log cabin is a recreation of local schools and contains the bell from the old Helvetia schoolhouse. It houses historical and archival information about the community and is home base for the Helvetia History and Helvetia Genealogy projects.

Settler's Cabin. Located in the Meadow, this tiny cabin was originally built on a nearby farm in 1870 where it housed a family of 15 members.

Star Band (Red) Hall. Built in 1901. Smaller than the Community Hall, this is used for smaller events and younger members of the community use it for basketball.

Zion Presbyterian Church. Located in Helvetia near the Historic Square on the road to Pickens.