Helvetia, WV
Community Hall

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Front view of the Community HallThe Helvetia Community Hall is the site of the Fasnacht dance, Ramp Supper and dance, Chicken Supper and dance, Fair exhibits and dance, square dances on the first Saturday of each month, family reunion, wedding receptions, and many other events. It houses the Aegeter photography collection in the dance area.

It was built by members of the community using many local materials and dedicated in May of 1939. It is the fourth community hall. The Star Band Hall was the third hall and the second one was located in what is now the Meadow. The first hall was where the current Community Hall is located.

The upstairs has a large dance area which is also used for receptions and has held dramatic performances. Downstairs is a large dining area and a well-equipped kitchen.

The Helvetia Community Hall Association manages the building. The Board of Directors is composed of one representative of each of the local organizations which uses the building.

23 shields representing the Cantons of Switzerland line the exterior wall of the Community Hall.Canton shields line the exterior of the Community Hall