Helvetia, WV
Community Hall Restroom Project

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Floor Plan of Downstairs RestroomWhile the Helvetia Community and its visitors take pride in the historic Community Hall, it has long been felt that the current restrooms are a bit too historic. The long awaited restroom improvement project has started.

The project will add modern restrooms to both the upstairs dance area and downstairs eating area. The restrooms will be fully accessible to people with disabilities. Check the large versions of the downstairs floor plan and upstairs floor plan.

The roadblock to adding the restrooms has been that the Community Hall is built on bedrock which means that it is extremely solid but that a traditional septic system won't work. A community resident has generously allowed the septic field to be installed on her property which allows the project to move forward.

There is an estimate of $80,000 to construct restrooms both upstairs and down. Approximately $29,500 has been committed to the project so far. Please consider a donation to this much needed improvement. Make your check out to HRDO (Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization, Inc.) and mark it for the Restroom Project. Send it to HRDO, PO Box 34, Helvetia, WV 24224. Your donation is tax deductable.

Backhoe installing drain line


September 25. Electrictian finishes roughing in.

September 22. Electrictian and plumber begin roughing in.

September 15. Carpenters begin construction.

September 12. Blocklayer finishes.

September 8. Blocklayer begins work on first floor walls.

September 1. Subfloor drains are installed.

August 29, 2008. Footers are poured

August 25, 2008. Digging for footers was started.

August 22, 2008. Existing storage shed was removed to make room for restrooms.

August 21, 2008. Confirmation of $15,000 grant from the State of West Virginia.

August 3, 2008. The Helvetia Fair Association votes to donate $4500 to the project.

August 2, 2008. State Senator Clark Barnes officially announces a $15,000 grant for the project. This is included in the original $25000 committed to the project.

July 18, 2008. The tanks and field are being installed. The system will pump the outflow up the side of the adjacent mountain where the field is located.

July 17, 2008. Preliminary electrical work is completed.

July 10, 2008. A floor plan for the restrooms is received.