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About Dave Whipp

Photo of DaveIn 2007, Dave semi-retired from West Virginia University after 32 years of work in adult training, media development, Web site development, technical writing, publication development, conference management, and project management.

As a faculty member at WVU, he provided over 100 live training sessions at national and international events as well as training at many state and local venues. He developed training packages using print, still photography, video, computers, and the Internet, usually combining several media to produce the best training outcomes.

He managed projects under contract to Federal agencies (including work on grant proposals and reporting), produced national training conferences, and managed software development activities.

In addition, Dave has taught SCUBA diving, Tai Chi, and a college class on video production.

He believes strongly in a “bottoms up” approach to training: working with trainees to learn their needs and abilities, then developing the training that will give them the knowledge and skills they need in the most efficient and effective process available. He has learned that the simplest approach is often the best one.

Dave has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s in Education, both from WVU. He lives near Helvetia, WV.

You can download Dave's Resume and check Dave's LinkedIn profile.